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Visitors and travelers to Ceylon from earliest times have remarked on the resplendent wonders nature has bestowed upon this island in the Indian Ocean. Known today as Sri Lanka, it remains a haven for tourists who bask in the welcoming warmth of year-round sunshine, splendid beaches and its palm fringed vistas. Coconut Palms abound. The people of Sri Lanka consider it a ‘miracle tree’!

Senikma Holdings hold the same attitude as regards the many nourishing food products derived from the fruitage of the coconut tree.


Sri Lanka has an established reputation in its naturally occurring species of cocos nucifera. The coconut palm grows luxuriantly all over the island wherever the average temperatures are typically tropical. The inherent thickness of the kernel as well as the isotonic properties in its liquid content have endeared themselves among consumers everywhere, and created a niche market for the variety of products we handle.

Senikma provides Desiccated Coconut; Creamed Coconut; Coconut Flour; Coconut Sugar; Coconut Treacle; Shredded Coconut; Coconut Milk (a liquid extract from the meat of the kernel) and Virgin Coconut Oil (not heat treated but cold-pressed with those natural constituents intact, which promote healing and healthfulness).



What if we told you that the best kept secret in the tropics was always hidden in plain sight? From the moment your flight descends on to our runway, to the moment you set foot on our golden sandy shores, anywhere and everywhere the rays of the sun caresses, it’s right in front of your eyes, visible for the whole world to see. The nectar of the Gods, the soothing salve of kings, the ambrosia of the tropics, the elixir of our people… Sustainably harvested and sourced from organic coconut plantations island-wide, our organic coconut products are processed into packages of export quality goodness. All the nourishment in the world once wrapped in a little nutshell, modest just like the people it’s sustained for millennia and many more generations to come, now gifted from our palms to yours…

  • + 100,000 Nuts collected
  • Real organic farm to fork
  • Uplifting the farmers living standards
  • State of the art facility
  • Stringent quality control
  • + 20 products
  • Hygienically packed
  • Customized to your requirements
Direct Export
  • + 10 countries
  • On time delivery





Our compliance with regulations and commitment to best agricultural practices has enabled us to expand our portfolio of products exported from Sri Lanka.  

Organic Dried Fruit, Organic Herbal Powder and Organically cultivated spices.

All organic items are sourced from either our own coconut plantations or plantations that are managed by Senikma ensuring all raw materials are genuinely organic.



Sustainable Exporter

Operates on a highly sustainable business model


Internationally certified as the best

Why Choose Senikma
Why Choose Senikma

Organic Produce

Sourced responsibly from organic smallholder farmers across Sri Lanka.

Loyal Partner

Longstanding relationships with all stakeholders