Our Cultivation

While health food and clean eating may seem like a modern invention and a lifestyle trend in today’s fast-paced world, we must first understand that humans have made the connection between good food and well being since the beginning of time. Good nutrition was identified as a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, combined with the right amount of physical activity.

Unhealthy eating habits have contributed to an obesity epidemic across the world today, coupled with bodily ailments and a plethora of disease. Poor diets are associated with major health risks that have led to a clean eating revolution, with diets consisting of minimally processed, predominantly plant-based ‘superfoods’.

Many ingredients labelled as ‘superfoods’ are taking up the world by storm. Among such superfoods, the coconut has held a prominent place with a rich history in the cuisines of Southeast Asia, especially Sri Lanka.

Having identified the need to support this global clean eating revolution with minimally-processed ingredients that maximize health and nutrition benefits, a visionary leader established Senikma Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. In 2013, with the overarching objective of exporting superior quality organic coconut-based products to the world.


Modernity in technical applications with agriculture


Senikma keeps abreast of the finest innovations in science and technology to ensure that freshness, flavor and the unique aroma is maintained in every item we export.

All of the products are guaranteed to retain their pristine natural features, and required texture.

We ensure our products are free of all that is harmful to consumers. Our focus and passion is on quality, authenticity and safety. Our post harvest management and laboratory services adhere to all international conventions.