Our Philosophy

Senikma Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is the brainchild of a visionary leader and the team comprise of health enthusiasts and clean eaters who are full time professionals, backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience in agro-management and production.  

The company operates on a highly sustainable business model. We have implemented improved agro-management techniques to achieve sustainable productivity across our own coconut plantations, from where we source 90% of coconuts. This includes green manuring, soil and water conservation in all plantations, weed management, recycling and proper irrigation systems, optimizing our natural resources. We have also adopted refined nursery techniques that enable us to produce high quality coconut seedlings. All our coconut products are made from single origin organic coconuts.

We source our remaining 10% from organic smallholder farmers in rural areas, contributing to create sustainable livelihoods and encourage sustainable coconut harvesting, while also nurturing sustainable coconut supply chains with potential for growth and expansion. This inclusive and collaborative business model ensures that we are able to empower ourselves as well as our internal and external stakeholders, all the while making coconut production more sustainable and responsible.

Dried fruits, spices and herbal products products sold under the Senikma label are grown in the same organic coconut plantations as intercrops, thus labelling these products also as real organic products.