Our Team

There’s a recipe for success that we at Senikma perfected with two key ingredients; the highest quality organic products, and a team of passionate, dedicated individuals ready to share Sri Lanka’s wholesome little treasure with the world.

We set out to meet a growing demand for premium organic coconut products in the global marketplace, a transformative journey that took us to tranquil, time-tested coconut estates and deserving smallholder plots. In our search for the perfect palm and produce, we stumbled upon a network of people who have honed our knowledge, elevated our expertise, made us more environmentally aware and fuelled our passion to do what we do conscientiously and sustainably.

In our quest to make Senikma a world-class operation, we have left no stones unturned. Beyond the qualifications and extensive training lies a desire to first understand our consumers, and identify how our products can better their lifestyles. That is why we have Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQIs) spearheading our quality control procedures, so that our standards are benchmarked in complete adherence to FDA regulated requirements.

We encourage and empower, and support both professional and personal development within a nurturing work environment at Senikma, so that as our business grows, our team grows alongside it.