7Ray, a product brand of Senikma Holdings (Pvt) Ltd since 2021, was established with the motive of supplying the global market  with premium quality agricultural products. Our brand stands firm on the 7 pillars of: Responsiveness, Accountability, Integrity,  Innovativeness, Teamwork, Social Responsibility, and Excellence.

We embarked on this journey from our very own certified organic lands that helped us cultivate, harvest, and process all products  we produced under good agriculture management practices. In encouraging growing together, we hold hands with our neighboring  farmers who supply us with products that are grown and harvested under the supervision of a Senikma quality controlling team. Unique taste of Ceylon’s agricultural produce is then brought to the global market, all the while creating and developing  opportunities for small to medium scale farmers, aiding their livelihoods.

7 Ray products range from spices, dehydrated fruits, and herbs to coconut-based products that are all produced only from 100% natural ingredients and free of any additives or artificial flavors. Therefore, we are proud to label our products as pure and unadulterated. In our commitment to ensuring nourishing and healthy products for our customers at 7 Ray and to promote our healthy ingredients and products within Sri Lanka, we have established our signature store which is located at 23/C, Borella Cross road, Borella.



                          Spice Range 


                                   Cinnamon Powder                                       Pure Cloves                                                Ginger Powder                                          Ginger Slices                              Crushed Black Pepper                        Black Pepper Powder                              Black Pepper Seeds                                   Tumeric Powder                 




                        Dehydrated Fruits Range


                           Dehydrated Banana Coins                    Dehydrated Jackfruit                        Dehydrated Papaya  Strips               Dehydrated Pineapple Rings             Dehydrated Pineapple Tidbits




                  Coconut products


                                           Virgin Coconut Oil                                   Pairing Coconut Oil                           Pure White Coconut Oil                         King Coconut Water                               Coconut Milk